How to deal with the lier?

So I have this roommate at the moment who is really clean and we are comfortable living together, but he doesn't stop lying. He also thinks I'm lying when I tell a strange story or when I say I've done stuff that are a little extreme. I can find a new roommate and live somewhere else, but I'm very comfortable like never before with any other roommate.

How would you handle this?

Just to give you an idea on how ear-raping his lies are, here are some of it :
( you can skip this part if you don't want to read )
* He has bad acne and when I told him about how good skin-care habits can make a significant difference, he told me it's a disease and it could be skin cancer.
* When he can't remember some names he told me he has amnesia.
* He actually keep telling me he can speak Italian and he translated some words to me and I found out later that it wasn't close to what he told me.
* I once told him a story about a police man then he told me about a story where a police man threw his gun on his lap so his finger tips would be on the gun... an action movie story.
* He told me he passed out in our dorm like 7 times, but I didn't him pass out once.
There are more, but you get it now.


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  • i would ask him for exclusive rights on a book deal , that sounds like it would be an interesting read. lol

  • Liars aren't bad people. They just like to see possibilities of the world. What i mean is every choice we make has a possibility.

    They often just want to see what your reaction would be towards a lie than the truth. Understand your friend and don't demonize him just because he is into probability bruh.

    • I understand him. He has Ego issues, he can't accept that he experienced less or doesn't know as much, he prefers to lie. That's a problem.