What if there were more races on Earth, would that mean more racism, or more tolerance and understanding among races?

For example, what if besides "white, black and yellow" race there were also people of green, blue, orange and purple race?

  • I think there would be more tolerance and understanding of our differences
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  • No, I think they would all mock the green race comparing them with aliens & calling them "little green men"
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  • Nope, I guess everyone would mock blue race & calling them "Smurfs", or "Avatars"
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  • No way, I suppose purple race would look the funniest, everybody would mock them
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  • Nah, I presume orange race would be mocked the most, but I'm not sure how would they call them
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  • I have no idea
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  • What kind of weird question is that?
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What Guys Said 5

  • It would just be the same. Humans are tribal by nature - once upon a time it was an essential survival strategy. Racism is just a form of tribalism, but not the only form, there has always been tribal warfare between people of the same race.

  • I'd like to think people would be more tolerant, but I'm not quite sure about that...

  • Race is a biological construct. Its a product of natural selection and survival of the fittest. Our only purposes are survival and reproduction essentially. Our races we have exist exactly for this purpose.

    I dont think it would make much of a difference.

  • What if there were ACTUAL races, like literally non human intelligent beings. Not the "races" that we have now of people that are all the same race.

    • Right, like in Star Trek...

  • That green chick looks sexy 😛 ... ill take 2


What Girls Said 2

  • I think there would be even more racism, because people would be even more different.
    Some wouldn't respect these differences.
    Unfortunately racism is something that will never end.

  • If they were minorities then no. Otherwise maybe.