Keep getting stuck with guy friend alone?

ok so recently I keep getting stuck with one of my guy friends alone together... is this a consenquense or what? I don't have many friends especially ones who will actually hang out with me. I believe there could be reasoning to some of these type of things but not completely sure if this is one of those situations or not. I know he does/did like me and he kept trying to win me over by buying me stuff but I still didn't get feelings for him so I still wouldn't date him.


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  • if you dont like him, stop accepting his gifts and tell him the truth.


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  • He could still have feelings with you, or maybe he's looking to get you alone somewhere to talk or try to make a move on you. Be careful, especially if it makes you uncomfortable.
    If you're unsure, try to look for other signs he's still into you. Like he tries to get your attention all the time, smiles at you for no reason, seems happier when you're around him, touches you when he's talking with you (like your shoulder, or your arm in a comforting way) if he's always there and willing to stand by you, then he probably does like you still and he wants to either express that, or give you hints he's interested in you.
    Since you've noticed this, and getting stuck alone with him more than three times is probably more than a coincidence, I'd recommend telling him straight how it is. He's trying to get your attention and I'm not sure what his intentions are having you alone, but if you don't see him in that way or share the same feelings, make it clear you don't want anything more than friendship.
    don't know why but as people we continuously try to get others to like us at times, especially when we have feelings for someone, then we try even harder. But, don't let him push this on you if you don't feel the same way. Take a step back and if you are in a situation where you get stuck alone, leave. I hope he will learn to move on and stop trying to get you to fall inlove with him, if that's what he's doing. If it's not that, then he's prob. trying to get you alone to express his feelings in a more physical way, so please be careful when you're alone with him.

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