How to I gather up the courage to say this to my roomate/best friend?

Me and her moved 11hrs away from our home town in August and after about a month of moving it's been really hard on me. I used to like her sooo much, more than friends and she knew that and we hooked up the first time we met but stopped and she's been my grad date and I was hers for her grad. I want to tell her I don't know if I can continue to live with her. We've had some really bad fights the past couple weeks and the last one last weekend she snacked me and did a lot of questionable things because I asked if I got her one guy friend that loves her a job where I work and he would move up, would she want to live with him, and I could move my other friend here, That way she neither of us would have to go back and we could go back to normal... she then had that big fight with me. I want to tell her I can't live like this because it's too hard for me but I feel bad because I drug her up here. I really need to know how to finally tell her. We haven't said anything more than a couple words since Sunday and we live in a small house and share my car.


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  • I would tell her exactly that, just be honest with her. But only if you feel there's absolutely no other way.

    • I tried with her one guy friend and he would but she doesn't want to... but her best girl friend comes here at the end of the month for a week and I'm going to bring it up again with her

    • That's a tough situation

  • Erm... she hit you? Why are you trying to make this work?

    • I asked her this morning on our way to work what she remembered of the fight and apparently she was black out...

    • Yea, sure, that's what they all say. Do you notice how those guys who say they blacked out when hitting a woman never black out when a massive guy is provoking them?
      Trust me, that's not quite how it works. Does she take drugs or have any mental health problem? Because sometimes, depending on many factors, some people can have times they don't remember things or intermittent explosive disorder.
      But really, I think if she was so affected by drugs or mental health this would have been mentioned in your story... so don't make excuses for her. Some people just aren't right, and that's it. Some people just never learn to deal with anger and annoyance like an adult, because people enable them and let them get away with bratty outbursts and horrible behavior. Don't be that person.

      If somebody hits you, use common sense, please. And often, this behavior is not the only horrible behavior somebody will have, it comes with other selfish or bratty things.

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