Why does my face get greasy after having a shower?

Everytime I have a shower and wash my face, my face always seem to get really greasy about an hour later. Why?


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  • I had that too I think its because you clean it too much and your skin wants to get greasy again as it was. That deffends the skin from drying out. I dont use anything to wash my face. When i take a shower and wash my air then the shampoo runs down my face and thats it. So i dont have greasy or dirty face. So its clean in two ways

    • I don't really clean it either, that's exactly what I do, but it still gets slightly greasy

    • Then I dont know Im not a skin expert

  • It may be related to your diet. What do you eat?

    • ... nothing... pretty much

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    • Well I don't go on a diet, I might just eat a few pieces of toast a day, or sometimes dinner if I'm yelled at enough. Sometimes my friends force me to eat some of their school lunch

    • And there is your problem. I am 100% positive a greasy face is related to your eating disorder.

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