Guys, for those of you who aren't great with women... why exactly?

With all these questions lately asking "why are men so submissive nowadays" "Why are men scared of beautiful women" "why are there so many betas" I figured maybe some real examples would be better than the common response of "omg the infinite might of feminism has crushed us beneath it's indomitable will."

So here's a bit of my own personal story. I believe this is the main reason why I suck with women. That does not mean I don't work to improve myself to reverse this fact.

I had no friends until I was 17. Literally. Everyone hated me in school, even my teachers in class made fun of me. I was dirty, poor, smelly, I remember going to school for weeks with unwashed clothes that my mothers cats had pissed all over and I stunk like cat piss every day. Just one example of many where I was forced to be disgusting. I also could not shower, and never could wash my clothes.

Kids spit on me, girls and guys threw things at me, every day I had to stand there while my whole classroom would shit on me.

I fought every day, I've always been a big guy but being so meek and timid bullies wanted to beat me up. So I fought in school, after school, in my neighborhood. I never lost a fight though so that's nice, I didn't get beat up like other kids like me, and I'm thankful for that, I really am.

The adult world was the same. I had no social skills, I couldn't talk to ANYBODY. Every person I met for years and years instantly hated me.

Long story short, I've fixed most of my social problems. I'm like 95% normal now. It took a lot of hard fucking work to do it too. The last one is women. The last tick off my checklist of normality. My life was 1000 times worse than I detailed here. But it's why I'm so shitty with women.

I think people will look down on me, as inferior for being bad with women. But I'm stronger than them, I lived a hellish life of which I barely scratched the surface here. I am awesome in every way, I believe that. Just not at talking to girls... not yet anyways =D


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  • sorry you had to ensure that, if you believe you're really good with women you will be jus give it time


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  • The problem is that there is a belief that one is "good with women" when in fact one simply need be "attractive to women". The latter is removing this false weight of requirement and pressure that honestly isn't required to function as a stud muffin.

    You are never "good with women". You are simply capable of being attractive to a multitude and that in and of itself is a combination of social factors of which many are beyond your personal control such as being in trend, being reputable and being of a specific social standing. De facto caste system dating does indeed exist; even though the ultra rich can date the ultra poor the reason why it is a Tragedy play to begin with is specifically due to its natural rarity.

    Mind you the question, "Am I bad with women?", asked to me won't have a good answer. In short, probably, but at length I don't even know how that would work. I've never been without "prospects" if one would go so far as to reduce other humans to such but I am not a fantastic partner so it does boggle my mind quite a bit.

    I am not physically attractive. I have terrible self-esteem. I talk to myself constantly. I am not in great physical shape. I do not lead an adventurous life. I have a modest upbringing. I am eccentric. These are all traits that should turn women off and I functionally believe they do but at the same time for some reason a few women find them quite enjoyable. I gently remind them that this isn't healthy but it is what it is.

    As a matter of fact I'm both boring and irritating even unto myself. Now that I think about it I am actually the direct opposite of what one would consider socially desirable and thus my confusion as how I manage to attract any human attention at all. I figure there must be some scientific reason and I can pursue such avenues to find out what exactly would qualify me as a candidate and not you since you are probably more upstanding and decent than I.

    I am as offensive in real life as I am here. So it is quite terrible. Actually I have a terrible attitude and only perform feats of great problem solving ability as my saving grace. Now that I think about it, truly, I am a really, really bad person. ._.

    Oh fuck.

    Do women like horrible people?

    • Haha, maybe >.<

      My understanding of women (which is limited of course) is that you can be an asshole, and although women aren't necessarily attracted to assholes, they are attracted to confidence, and social skills. Usually people who are lacking both of those things, are also very unlikely to be an asshole. It's kind of an illusion, to be an asshole. I have heard plenty of stories of guys deciding to pretend to be assholes for the purpose of attracting women, and it works to a degree. Is it a viable strategy to employ for the rest of your life? I doubt it, but it will work the same way some fake tits and makeup will work on men. Of course thats based on what I've learned, which doesn't mean much lol.

    • I find that women are not attracted to confidence but competence and not social skills per se but simply being able to hold your own in a social setting. I am notably not confident but when it comes to competence I can and do get shit done. When it comes to so social skills it's just basic conversation really; I am not a guru in any sense of the word. Actually most of what I say is complete and utter nonsense in my opinion.

      I think what happens when people "pretend" to be assholes is in truth they just become more selfish. That selfishness is just basic assertiveness that departs from the age old wisdom of "gentlemanly behavior: doormat edition". So deploying this "IDGAF" attitude isn't really them faking it so much as it is just not being overwhelmingly submissive to court.


      I have no idea how this works at all. And am terrified now that I think I even got female attention in this life.

  • Honestly I've always been naturally good with women for some reason probably because I ignore all the "experts" dating advice and just simply be myself women seem to go for that.