Bad experiences with prostitutes?

I wanna know if somebody here had bad experiences with prostitutes? And if the answer is yes, what happened exactly? I wanna pay for one, but I wanna know exactly what to expect, since I heard only good stories so far.

For those who want to judge my decision:
Im a guy who never had even a kiss and never will either. No, Im not ugly, Im not poor, Im not a loser. I did more activites than most people you know and I changed my personal style many times over the years. I also hung out with all types of people you can think of. I have been looking for a girl for about 7 years, without any success whatsoever. As I said, never even a kiss. And I read a bunch of books on the topic of pick up and tried literally everything possible. No girl ever wanted to be with me. So all those common reasons people write don't apply here really. And over the years watching everybody except me (literally everybody, Im the only one I know in this situation) find a girlfriend. And watching loser guys, nerds, potheads, gamers, fat and ugly guys etc. get their first kiss, their first sex. And watching kids who were playing hide and seek wjen I was looking for a girl, being with a girl nowadays. All of that was so frustrating that it lead me to a heavy depression, even nowadays Im not completely out of it. So there literally is no hope for me.


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  • I don't know why dudes feel the need to write a fucking novel when flirting with the idea of hiring a prostitute. Just go fuck one and stop talking about lol. It's not a life or death decision. No idea how people get caught up on this shit. Some dude wrote a fucking mytake about his life and why he is going to bang a prostitute. Lmaoo

    • Because many people tend to judge, and when you answer them, they start asking a billion questions. So we just write answers to all of those up front to save time and nerves. I need an opinion about these experiences. But yes writing a take on a choice you made is kinda stupid

    • Who cares? Are you going to be forced to tell anyone? Literally no one has to know aha. It was pretty common in the military but most people in society are going to frown upon it. I don't think it's a big deal in my opinion.

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  • Not really bad, just irritating:

    I was in the Middle East, banging away at this Russian girl, and she says "Quickly please finish". I told her "Hush, don't you know the customer is always right?" So she puts her fingers on my dick, doing that trick where they squeeze with their fingers to make it feel tighter and make you cum quicker. I take her wrist and hold her hand above her head and continue what I'm doing. A minute later, "Quickly please finish". I say "Shut the fuck up" and continue.

    I got mine, so it's all good. But that was slightly irritating. I'm paying and you're not doing any of the work, the least you could do is shut your fucking mouth.

  • I'd advise against it. They will not kiss

  • Prostitutes are rude af... just like all fucking women