Need help deciding what to buy can anyone help?

So I just got a new job and I'm currently driving a 1996 Toyota Camry. The Camry that I drive is not that bad except that I'm 6'4 and I'm tired of driving around in these tiny cars. So I've decided to save up my money and buy a bigger vehicle. My two choices that I'm having trouble deciding on to buy is between a pick up truck and a cargo van.

need help deciding what to buy can anyone help?The reason I want a pick up is because it's bigger and I just like the whole look to them and I feel it's time for me to take that step and get a bigger vehicle. I also am aware that the gas is gonna be a lot more expensive but that doesn't bother me.

The reason I want a van is because it's also a bigger vehicle and if I get one I would trick out the inside of it. So in the back I would put down a rug, put on some curtains, hook up a stereo system, install some lighting, get a mini fridge and throw in a mattress. The reason I would do that is because then it would be my own little paradise and escape when shit goes down at home.

Basically I'm stuck between the two because if I get the truck then I can't do all the shit I was planning on doing with the van. But if I get the van I feel like I'd get pulled over more and people would assume I'm a weirdo haha. So if anyone could help me out with this decision and let me know if they have ever owned a van or pick up what the pros and cons would be


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  • The van idea seems kind of odd. Truck, go truck.


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  • Lol a fuckin hippie van.
    Do not get that pedophile white van though. Get a cool one (if that exists in your price range/if it's mechanically sound).

    Also, if you want something bigger, you should just get a bigger sedan in my opinion. They have plenty that tall people can fit in.