Do I have the right to be angry?

ok first of all i am really sensitive to any shit tbh and a simple word would like hurt me foreverrr and ever... i was friend with a girl for 7 years and then we stopped being friends and she got a new buddy and we happened to be in a party the three of us yesterday i moved on seeing her doesn't hurt me and i don't care she is exactly like a stranger but i was one of the organizers of the party and her new friend forgot her phone so my friends the other organizers gave it to me to return to her... and i was gonna call her and tell her i have her phone and i can get it to her house the following day as it was pretty late... but she snapped at me and start telling me "how dare you take my phone" ... i am really hurt by her action tbh i was just trying to help


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  • you have a right to be angry, and you should not feel bad ;)

    • Ugh thanks alot!

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    • you are welcome ^^ thank you for the mho!

    • anytime!

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