Whats you're biggest regret? I will tell you mine?

I grew up in a poor place. when I was about 23 or so I regularly saw a girl writing on her window at night at the time I thought she was doing math homework because the stuff looked all calculus and what not. I only saw this because I was going to the store to get more beer. at first I thought she was just advanced for her age because it didn't make any sense to me. then one day I see her kissing on a guy in a sexual way when I'm walking by. I found that very strange thought maybe they have a close family. then one day she's standing on a corner of my apartment complex and she approaches me like a women does when they want to have sex. this girl was only 9-12 and it weirded me out. all of it weirded me out really bad. her kissing on a guy, her writing on her window and her approaching me like that. so I decide to call child protective custody to get them to investigate. the next day they where there with cops and cps vans and everything. turns out that her dad had been pimping this little girl out while her mom was at work. her mom was a night nurse so I don't know why he was doing this I never got the full story just the bit. however looking back I think her calculus on the window was her just writing English backwards and I was just too drunk to understand what I was looking at. I think she approached me the way she did because she saw me to walking by all the time. I could have helped her sooner. thats all I'm saying. thats my biggest regret at the moment.


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  • I'm of the group that... at this point... finds it difficult to find much of... if anything to regret. There have been some situations... heck... there have been days I've resented the entire summation of my life and couldn't find it in me to believe any of it amounted to any true lasting wisdom or positive merit... and I'm not naive enough to assume I'll never feel that way again.
    But most days... not only would I not change a thing... I'm grateful for every little thing that has made me exactly who I am.
    Every time I'm praised for something I think back on the difficult experience that taught me exactly that.
    I've made it a point by now... to reflect and make sure that I make the most out to the things that have happened... and stop renting to the things that don't deserve a place in my thought process.
    A perfect example... my son's dad was abusive, extremely abusive. I won't even elaborate to just how deeply. And it was severe physical abuse that led me to eventually snap and realize I couldn't keep living like that.
    I've come to realize... that if he hadn't done what he did physically... I'd have stuck around longer because emotional and mental and verbal abuse doesn't have physical evidence. So you'd think the obvious answer would be, "So you regret marrying him."
    Nope, I don't. Because while we suffered irreparable differences and ultimately divorced... it was because we just weren't happy... and just how long would I have stuck around for someone who was 'okay enough'? How long would I have stayed in a life and a marriage without passion and without any real purpose or meaning? Because it was 'okay enough'.
    I have had sooo many rough things happen to me and I can sincerely say that they have taught me sooo much about who I am and what life is all about. They're taught me self respect, compassion, values, discipline, awareness, gratitude, faith, and the rest of those cheesy inspirational words you eventually find yourself reciting without any real attachment because you generically understand that it 'means' something to 'have faith' or to 'be determined' or to 'live, laugh, and love'. The older I get the more I realize how little time I have to stand around regretting the lessons I've been lucky and blessed enough to learn.


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  • you shouldn't feel bad about this. you helped her, and its okay that it took a while. I dont think anyone wouldve understood what she was writing when walking by.

  • That's intense. Mine is studying law and not traveling abroad straight out of college.

    • thats cool. I just wanted to see what people had to say. where did you want to go. how did you want to do it?

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    • My friend did Peace Corps in Kenya and Tanzania. She loved it. Costa Rica is seems popular for Peace Corp too.

    • we will see how it goes. I feel like I'm 20 again. I can do anything

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