Should I wear the hijab? (i only want answers from muslims?

Salam, so like i said i am sorry but i only want answers from muslim females/males. I have been confused about wearing the hijab ever since forever i am 17 years old and my parents told me it is my choice if i want to wear the hijab or not... but they explained to me that it is a must in islam but they won't force me to it. Aside from my parents every time someone dies i get influenced so much i start thinking about what if it was me right now how will i meet god with all of my sins and not doing what he asked me to do like wearing the hijab... the only thing that honestly keeps stopping me is my friendpool and environment i grew up around all non hijabis even though i live in saudi arabia so i am always afraid of the fit in part but i keep reminding myself that they are all of no use when i die.. i am really confused what do you think i should do? i am also gonna study for uni in Canada this year so keep this in mind and i have talked to two hijabis that i trust a lot. one said sometimes i regret choosing to wear the hijab because if i am not careful i feel like i am sinning so i told her but women in america are currently going out without their hijab and they wish if they could and she said yes exactly and then that makes me thankful for the ability to wear it. the other girl completely supported me and said i should definitely wear it even if i go to america what do you think?


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  • Definatly not a sin to not wear it. It's really a choice for you. Sure it's good to wear it because you'll then keep traditions but it is not something you are required to do

    Also in Canada you can wear it with no issues, no one ones minds in Canada. A lot of women wear hijabs in Canada

    You can always try and stop and keep trying or not. It doesn't have to only yes or no.. try and see how you feel


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  • to be honest, it's all depends on yourself. nobody forcing you to wear it, and it never a force. if you're ready to wear it, just wear it. for me, it's just a transition of yourself, as you know, once you're wear the hijab, it's not only about covering your hair, it's actually you're wearing an image of Muslim lady, so it's a self control I can say, it's control you from bringing bad image or reputation as Muslim lady, but trust me, it never stop my passion - to travel, to be successful, to be tough , you can be anything. it makes me feel closer to my faith and make me a better lady. that's my personal opinion.

    I do believe everyone can be a positive and kind-hearted person, regardless what they wear. it's the heart inside you that matter, not your appearance. If you think you're ready to wear it, congrats. if not, don't force yourself. God knows what's inside every people

    • Hey young lady, asker. This right here! These are good words to go by and she is a smart gal

    • thanks a lot this comment really is everything

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  • I'm not a Muslim but I am going to answer anyway.

    it is my choice if i want to wear the hijab or not... but they explained to me that it is a must in Islam.

    One of the many contradictions in Islam.

    Look it's your choice you are a human being with free will and free choice and your are born with certain unalienable rights. First and foremost you aren't born a Muslim your born a human being. And as such you have free choice.

    I know a lot of Muslim girls who don't wear one and they are perfectly fine and traditional no one's out out get them because they don't have it one. But I've read a lot of stories about Muslims from oppressive parts of the middle east were the Hijab was used as a form of oppression. But there are also a lot of Muslims who wear it as a choice and like it. So there are lots of different stories regarding.

    I've also studied the Quran a little bit and spoken to several Muslims about it and it and they say it is not a sin to not wear one. And if it was would you really want to worship a god that would demand you cover one of the things that makes you beautiful. God wouldn't want his creations to cover up the beauty he created in the first place since we are created in his image.

    Just know it's your choice and nothing bad is going to happen to you whether you choose to wear it or not. And you won't go to hell or anything if you die without wearing one. And you won't go to heaven if you wear one, it's just a piece of cultural clothing tied to a religion.

    I hope this helps since I am speaking from a none biased point of view and speaking just on what I've talked about, read, seen and heard.

    • It is not contradicting anything it is mentioned that i have to wear it cleary... but my parebts won't force me to it that's it... but thanks for the reply appreciated!

    • The contradiction is that it's a must like your parents said meaning you have to do it, but yet they say you don't have to do which contradicts what was former said.

      So going by what was first said you have no choice in the matter according to your religion you have no choice.

      Still I don't know how anyone could follow a god that would demand that his female followers cover and hide the wonder and beauty he created in the first place. Since we are created in his image to shun that is a horrible thing.

    • i don't see how that is a contradiction they gave me a choice to do as i like just like how in christianity it is forbidden to be gay/lesbian yet many christians are it is a choice

  • It's a possible interpretation of hadith, not a clear directive. It's not even in the Quran itself. Whenever a rule requires a scholar to creatively interpret some cryptic secondary source you should be wary of the validity of that rule. If it was meant to be an important rule then it would have been clearly stated in the Quran itself. Think about it: do you really think God enjoys nailing people on technicalities in the fine print?

    • many say it is in the quran

    • It's not, but you can always check yourself (and you should: don't just take these things on face value).

  • I m a Muslim and i want to talk to u in detail if u wishes to
    To summarize all the discussions its not really ur choice to wear it or not according to Islam, if u want to practice Islam u have to, but there are circumstances.
    i can provide u with all the relevant authentic material if u need

  • Its not a sin if you don't wear hijab , its your choice, tho wearing it is better it can make men be less likely to look at you in a bad way.

    • really it is not a sin?

    • Yeah its not something forceful, stay good at your heart thats the most important thing

  • I thınk you have to wear hijab because the kuran says girls must wear hijiab but is you think thats a problem in America than you wear toupee on your head

    • many of the commenters right now are commenting that it isn't a must... which kinda is confusing cause i always thought it was a must?

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    • It is a must but no one can force you to wear it.

    • Ok maybe no one force you but its a condition of islam

  • I'm not a Muslim, but I am a Canadian, and I can assure you that no one will care either way. In Saudi Arabia, I would definitely advise wearing it simply because of the law, but here you won't face any issues if you choose not to. I know several girls who wear hijabs, and no one sees them any differently, it's just a little foreign to us. (Even though Catholic women covered their hair in Church as recently as the 1950s). Now, choose to read this or not as I'm about to ask a question/make a criticism. Why should god care if you choose to cover your hair or not? At least in our Western traditions, God is supposed to unconditionally love his children, which always debunks any argument against things such as gay marriage, masturbation, etc. Just curious.

    • the law in saudi arabia does not force us to wear a scarf... only a abaya , thank you for saying no one would see me differently though! made me feel better

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    • Okay interesting, maybe it's just the old Islam vs Christianity thing which our dumb asses have been up to for the past 1300 years. It's good that Saudi Arabia is starting to calm down a little bit with the strict Islamic stuff. Religion is great until it is used to oppress people in my opinion. Which part of Canada?

    • i am not sure my parents said i can pick any place, or i can even pick another country i picked Canada because i know many people there and people are very loving and caring

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  • Wear the hijab for a week maybe, see if you like it.

    When I first started wearing it, it lasted for a year and then whenever something bad would happen in my family or whatever, if I feel angry or sad, I would take it off.

    It was an on and off kinda thing.

    During that whole time I would read Islamic books (not romance novels; most of them are just with Muslim characters but the stories are nonsense), and watch NAK lectures on youtube. Type funny nouman ali khan lectures. Most are very short like 2 min, so you will like them.

    ANywho, after two years when I was 18, I finally got serious about it and to this day I wear it. I don't care if I am sad, or angry, if the thought of taking it off even comes I remind myself it's obligatory.