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I am 23 and I have schitzophrenia I have had it since I was 17 and I have been managing it the best that I can. My mom is not very supportive when it comes to my diagnosis because she says that she does not know how to help me. Since she was informed about it for months she was not accepting it and telling me that I am lying and that i am playing the part. My older sister has it too but hers is worse and my mom is just now starting to put the pieces together from her life and realizing how sick my sister has been. When it comes to me my mom does not help me at all. It is hard for me because since she found out she does not treat me the same it is just like she is trying to stay away from me and she told me that she has to protect herself from me at all times because she does not want me to hurt me I come to my mom with anything and everything and she does not care but since this whole thing has happened it is just like she does not listen or talk to me and she is constantly pushing me away telling me "I dont't care" or "I don't want to hear it. And that hurts because the one person that I thought I could talk to is not even allowing me to have a conversation with her and she is constantly judging me. She told me the other day that she does not know what to do and that she can't help me because she knows nothing about the diagnosis and she does not want to do anything to hurt me and not be aware of it and that she thinks the best thing for us to do is to keep our distance because she does not want to be in a position where she has to hurt me. I have tried to get her to go to many of my classes and therapy sessions so that she can learn how to deal with me but she did not want to go. I just don't know what to do because I need someone to talk to and I love my mom but she does not want anything to do with my illness. Advice?


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  • God, that sounds really hard. I wonder if your mum is maybe feeling like it is all her fault, that she is a bad parent, and that she can't help because she has failed at everything so far. Does that ring true at all? I don't know if schizophrenia is at all hereditary.. if not, maybe she might like to hear that you don't blame her. I wish she would go to your classes, that sounds like a good idea. Do you think she is a bit in denial about it all?
    I have only met 2 people with schizophrenia, but they were both awesome ♡

  • go to a doctor