Can I get an explanation?

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Question Title: I feel like shit. Give me empty compliments. Please?

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Understanding "what" exactly? You didn't give a reason.

Anyway I owe a guy MHO on that question so let's just quickly wrap up your "review" of one of the least volatile statements/questions I've ever asked so I can uphold my end of the bargain.


Oh, good, I just got the official email stating that the post wasn't in "Question Format" which means all questions like "Rate me?" which are also just commands should be removed.

Whatever administrator did it is a total dumbass.


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  • Not sure who hid your question. The only reason I can think of that they would hide it under would be "nonsense" but other than that I have no clue. It is up to the admins anyway.

    • Well, to be fair, I hardly care about what other people, administrators or not, think; I just need to give my little MHO and then I can totally disregard the existence of the question.

      A DEAL IS A DEAL! D:

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  • Few things:
    1.) I'm guessing that it was removed because it wasn't particularly asking a question, but more like saying "do this for me." I can't say for certain though. I'm guessing it was removed for either "nonsense" or "spamming." They should have sent a message when it was hidden and with the reasoning?

    2.) I suggest you contact the admins directly. As users, we can only speculate on the reasoning behind it. To contact the admins directly, either use the link as posted below, or contact the user @GirlsAskGuys for help.

    3.) In the FAQ, it states "Please DO NOT post Questions/myTakes asking why specific posts were removed, as those Questions/myTakes will be removed as well." So I'm going to say that you simply didn't know and that's alright... but just for future reference, I suggest going straight to admins. Posts such as this are likely to be removed. (I'm not removing so you can get an explanation on the matter without the frustration of having another question removed with a one word explanation.)