Is it dangerous to travel to Mexico or Hawaii right now in light of the Zika scare?

I really enjoyed Mexico and wanted to go back. I also thought about going to Cuba as well.


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  • if you are a pregnant woman or plan on getting pregnant in the near future you shouldn't travel to a place where zika is present

    but it's really not all that dangerous for adults. if you get bitten by a mosquito with zika and catch the virus is only a matter of getting anti-biotics

    as far as i know mexico and hawaii are pretty safe. i'm fairly certain it's only some places in south america and the caribbean that are hot spots

    • Have they invented antibiotics for Zika yet? I know they were working on it but I don't know if they came up with a solution yet.

    • i think you are thinking of a vaccine. they are still working on that. they definitely have antibiotics that will get rid of the virus

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  • I have been so Busy like a Bee on Here, dear with the Campaigning of Trump, I didn't Know... Mexico and now Hawaii? Last time I saw, it was Florida.
    "Buyer Beware," no Matter Where, there is Scare... Everywhere. xx

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