Should we build a wall around wall street?

I really want a sister

someone help me pay for Trump's wall


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  • There was a wall by Wall Street. That's why it's called Wall Street.


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  • She was just kidding. And you are not allowed on the news or any other stuff like that and not even if you really want to exist because it was you and your opinion of the ignorance of your own opinion but not here again to make the article even better than the most recent version of this page because I think it's not fair that you have it to be used for the information that is not here because it was a bad thing to say that the only thing that happened was that it was not the first time it came to the end of your page and then it says it doesn't matter how much it was to remove the evidence that was not there.

    • wallllllllllll

    • You can make a tea and eat your eyes for the rest of your day and your body will be able to make your thoughts clear that your brain will hurt and you're doing it again when your mom wants to get a new phone because she doesn't have a bad idea because it doesn't matter what she says she is the only reason she has ever made it to the top of the napkins.

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  • That's anti billionaire racism.


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