I wanna be original blonde, I am white but my hair is black, is it bad?

Is it bad? my father is blonde and my mom is blonde. But i am brunette.
I wanna be original blonde, i am white but my hair is black, is it bad?

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  • Given the current state of our genetic engineering capabilities, yes, it is indeed a bad thing to be a brunette if you want to be a natural blonde.


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  • it´s normal. blonde hair is a recessive gene so it´s pretty normal to end up with dark hair even if both parents are blonde.


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  • I feel black hair with blue eyes more charming

  • My father has black hair. My mom has blonde and i am blonde too. Just enjoy what you got.

  • i say the same thing about hair. i wish i had hair growing on my head cause my mom and dad have hair on their heads, why not me?

    • i just realized im bald because i shaved my head. so i truly am not in your situation. sucks to be you.

    • At least the asker can console herself that while she may not be a natural blonde, she still has the IQ of one.

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