Stuck of which hobby to persue?

Currently right now i've got two main hobbies guitar and dance (Latin dance to be sepcific) although right now i love doing both of them, i ideally want to take one of them even further; problem is i'm stuck about which one.

Beacuse of the time that it would take whichever one i don't choose would like become a thing i do occasionally or i stay at the same level for ages.

Guitar i want to take further into joining a band (Local band that is not big arena bands, no where near that skill level yet) and Dancing i'd love to progress into getting a dance partner and performing and local and maybe nationwide events, i'm not saying i have to make a choice now but i will eventually have to and i don'tknow how to choose between them. I love both of them and i want to take both further but i can only do that for one

Any suggestions?


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  • Why can't you do both?

    • Well being in a band would require daily practise session and evening where i'd be gigging and to get good enough to perform dance routines again would required daily training and practise session plus with weekends of to go to big events, add that to a full time job and you see my problem

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    • Thanks for MHO

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  • Guitar...


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