Honestly, Do some of you sincere Christian women fantasize and visualize about letting your future husband sex you in your butt one day? Opinions?

Share your honest opinions. Sincere Christian woman only please!

  • Yes, I do think and fantasize about it. And More than willing to do it once married..
    67% (2)
  • No, it goes against My personal convictions.
    33% (1)
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  • Lol please Christian life is not about that at all

    • Christian women aren't allowed to freaky not even in marriage?

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    • How in the world is it a distraction then? If a Christian woman has sexual thoughts or masturbates when horny?

    • And who said I was going to argue with you? Stay in your lane & I'll stay in mine. You are very clueless and I don't wanna waste my time