Why do some people feel that they can do whatever they want and society should accept them?

I have a company i started on the side, i work internationally with schools in Asia. One of the services i provide is English teacher placements to them.

- It just so happens that some of the applicants got offended that i told them that they need to be a native teacher to teach as a native teacher.
- Also applicants that have tattood themselves all over (when visible tattoos are not the most professional thing for serious jobs and it's culturally sensitive in Asian countries?

Have some people become so liberalised and leftist that they believe everyone and anyone should accept them regardless?

the native English requirement is a goverrnment requirement. we can't help them obtain a work visa unless we change their government. it's not an option. plus, if they're not native. why would the school need them when they can just employ a local


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  • The English native requirement is kinda stupid. Just take this site, for example. Most people are English natives and can't spell worth a shit. Most foreigners are better at teach ing the language they learned than natives cause they can tell you how the language works rather than learn it through nuance. That's how it is for me in Italian. I'm better at teaching it than most of my Italian friends

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    • you can only provide work visa's when working directly with the government. Employers can't assign them independently

    • Yeah, but you said you're hiring native speakers... so while they have to get it through government, your company is doing the hiring

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  • I disagree with the English natively requirement. I know several people who learned English as a second (or third) language who have a better grasp than the VAST majority of native English speakers I meet.

    • Assuming we're not talking about US government, because that's not so.

      But yes, people these days have become terribly entitled.

  • politicians, the media and businesses tell them what they want to hear so they can get their money and votes, then these people pay the price when they have effectively compromised their opportunities in all aspects of life due to the mentality they adopted. Plus you an I are forced to be around them. Their parents gave them lots of participation trophies too.

  • What do you mean by "native teacher?"