Help dealing with post traumatic stress disorder from bullying and rejection?

I just found out I have post traumatic stress disorder. I have all the symptoms like literally and now I feel stuck knowing I have this. I'm not even sure how to tell my mom to seek help because she's gonna laugh and say, "boy you ain't got no damn ptsd, stop reading that shit on the internet!", but no matter what I search the symptoms of ptsd are all the same. how can I help myself or what should I do? I'm tired of being upset after and during school.


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  • You know, my friend has ptsd after serving 2 tours in Iraq, and my father has ptsd from watching people die in machinery accidents. It's good to know you "have" ptsd because someone said something mean to you.

  • Speak to a school counselor and get a recommendation.

  • Uh, how did you "find out"? Were you diagnosed? If not you didn't find out anything.

    • earlier I got in another depressed mood and I was feeling really bad physically and mentally, which happens frequently. so I went looking for answers on my only outlet, the internet. I started searching up my symptoms and things related to how I was feeling. I came across a website talking about ptsd and I read all of it and when I got to the symptoms part I had literally all of them!

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    • it's more than now, I've been bullied for as long as I can remember and every day when something bad happens or something goes wrong my mind automatically jumps back in time to some painful memory and then I get upset and depressed and my mind starts replaying the worst days of my childhood

    • Sorry... you just sound overly dramatic to me. Toughen up, stand up for yourself and/or grow thicker skin.