What dog do I got?

I want a dog in a few years when I live alone.
Lookwise? I've been looking at dalmatians and siberian huskies, but I don't think I want a big dog.
So i'm interested in king charles spaniels (I think they're super charming & cute), but maltipoos (maltese x poodles) look cute too, so do yorkipoos (yorkie x poodles).
But I really want a smart dog, and one thats playful and upbeat.
I hate those dogs who yap, yap, yap and aren't playful or anything, I also hate dogs who always seem depressed or dogs that are bratty and snarl at you lmaooo.
So can I still get a smart dog thats smart/playful because you usually find that in bigger dogs like labs or retrievers or dalmatians.

cavalier king charles spaniels***
lol sorry get****


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  • cavaliers are suuper cute but they are fairly costly and a bit high maintenance.

    my parents run a cavalier king charles spaniel kennel. if you want more info you know where to find me! :)


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  • Border collies are very intelligent dogs, but they're on the medium-big side of the scale. They are one of the most intelligent dog breeds you can get.

    Shiba Inus are also intelligent, but because of their intelligence they tend to be very independent as well. They like to do whatever they want to do, so it's very hard to train them. They are usually called the cats of the dog world.

    Jack Russell Terriers are smart and small. However, they tend to be yappier than the above breeds. They are often trained to do chores around the house.

    Corgis are playful, smart, and cute. However, they also are more on the vocal side.

    These are just a couple of examples you could look at. It's hard to find a dog breed that never barks, because in most cases, the smaller the dog is, the more personality they have with barking.

    • collies are also viciously energetic though
      they need a LOT of space to run and almost constant exercise
      they are indeed amazing dogs, but dont get one unless you have a nice big place/yard

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    • I would probably recommend a corgi if you don't have a lot of time/room to exercise since collies need a lot of physical stimulation. Many people have trained corgis not to bark all the time, so it shouldn't be a huge problem.

    • Collies are so smart that they can get bored easily. They need to be challenged and do best with some kind of work. check out your local shelters, the breed might matter less than the personality and its bond with you.

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  • There are so many cool dogs out there. Might want to check with breeders and trainers for a good match. If they have pedigree, they won't be cheap. Some pure breds can cost thousands.

    • ohhhhh shit
      Are cavalier king charles spaniels expensive?

    • SOME pure breds, often they're already trained. Pups will be cheaper, but more work. But it depends, people live puppys. I'm not an expert, only helped raise a few Danes. Awesome dogs, doody and unaware of their own size knocking s*** over, but stately and great personalities.

  • Get a cat 👍

  • dogs dont just "yap yap yap", thats shitty training
    chances are you'll have a small place for your first place, and therefor ought to have a smaller dog

    • yeah, exactly. i don't want a huge dog knocking stuff over

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    • That was my point. If no one would be home for over 4 hours I'd have to get a neighbor to let my dog out and play with him... they're a lot of work

    • @justagirl5 you may, but that doesn't mean she will

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  • My sister has a Xoloitzcuintli. He is cute, very smart and has oodles of energy. Not to mention that the very limited hair makes them more hypoallergenic. They are usually more medium sized and very cuddly.


    • They seem rather big

    • The top of the head comes up to the knee. They are about 20lbs.
      Larger dogs tend to be more trained. Lazy people can just pick up obnoxious little dogs and don't bother to provide the social structure that they need. My sisters dog. Sits when you say his name, sits 5 feet away from doorway when entering or leaving and waits for approval before stepping down from curbs.
      The xolo is very smart and can be very well trained.

      Whatever you chose make sure you have enough free time and energy to exersize a dog properly.

      I hope you find just the right match for you.

    • Thank you!!!
      Lol their personality traits seem really good!
      But I'm kind of a sucker for cute/handsome dogs I feel that the xoloitzcuintli is a bit on the ugly side. But i'll definitely consider it!!

  • Labs are smart and playful, and if you get a female she won't be too terrible large. Great protectors too. I love my lab mix.

    • Yeah I love the personality traits of bigger dogs! But are you sure the females aren't as big? I'm sure they're pretty similar in size to the males

    • The females I know look small but that could be because I'm used to the size of male dogs! plus my dog is oversized because he's a mix

  • Any dog is great if you know how to discipline them. There's no bad dogs just shitty owners!