Life is very annoying, I mean how can ignore how bad things suck at times?

I'm in my eod have a couple of major regrets and everyday I'm reminded of them. It's like sometimes I wish i could go back, I hate how I feel but can't seem to fix it. I have to go to work today lol I don't feel like going I hate work because of I have other things I'm dealing with personally like life's really annoying right now like I try to drown out the suck but it's like I can't anymore at times I can even feel tears coming to my eyes lol but I never cry because I just can't. But maybe I nice cry would help.


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  • Death sounds like a great choice, but it's not as easy as you'd think to die. I thought jumpinng from a 5 storey building would be enough but after some research I realised I'm gonna need a higher building

    • No it's not, I'm not going to die man thats not cool

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    • Lmao dude please no my God I hope your a troll

    • That's just your survival instinct talking. If you think about it you'll realize I'm right. Imagine never having to think or do anything again. And you'll never regret it

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  • Lmao u are just 18-24


    • I promise im trying lol life sucks sometimes.