Natural hair tips?

I need tips and techniques.


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  • The list will be long my friend:

    -Use natural coconut oil on your hair, mix it with avocado if possible. BEST THING EVER.
    -Brush your hair before taking the shower to avoid brushing it after which will make it freezy.
    - Wash your hair with cold water, avoid using shampoo everyday, I only use it once a weak because it takes put the hair's natural oils that are harder to replace and make it look dry.
    -Direct the blower down when you're drying your hair.
    -Sleep on a SOFT silk pillow if possible.
    - Braid your hair before sleeping but not very tight.
    - Cut the edges regularly ( I get a haircut every few months and it makes my hair grow so fast it's crazy! I had it cut to under my chin in September, it's under my shoulders now ) also having frequent haircuts makes your hair thicker and more voluminous.
    -Do NOOOT dye it in any color, don't use ANY unnecessary chemicals on it.
    -Avoid stressing a lot because it makes your hair fall.
    - Do not worry for it falls in these months because it's the period for it.

    • Do you know any protective styles that are quick and not expensive? I'm tired of crochet hair... It takes forever!

    • It depends on your face frame. Look into YouTube it can be very helpful.

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