My Corgi whines way to much?

My Corgi whines all the time. I don't believe its out of boredom either I have another dog who plays with him none stop. I also play tug of war with him when the other dog doesn't want to, he isn't the most active but he is only 9 months I have lots of chewies for him but still every time he isn't doing something or is resting he whines! And I don't know what's wrong! Anyone have a dog or Corgi that does this please help?


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  • Hillary Cinton's the same way. Your dog will never be President, but if you spray it in the face with water wherever it whines, you can eventually train it to not eat its own feces!


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  • Check his nose make sure its not warm and dry, it should be cool and moist. If its warm and dry take him to a vet. If it's been going on for a while, give a call to your vet and see what they recommend. This sounds to me like a young dog just wanting some love and attention, but you wanna make sure everything is ok. Sometimes they grow out of it, but you may want to put him through an obedience course and get him crate trained and that'll likely end this kind of behavior.

    • He and the other dogs are crate trained, I think I will give the vet a call I hope its not anything internal.

  • Is he hurt? Take him to the vet?

    • No he's not hurt, I have checked his entire body for any broken bones and he acts just fine play.

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