Unemployment benefits and temporary job?

Unemployment benefits and temporary job?
I receive unemployment benefits in Illinois. It's not a permanent schedule.. I may work 1-3 days. Will my benefits be cut off? I will be making minimum wage. Please help advice?


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  • I'm not sure how the unemployment laws work in each state. But in my own if you are on unemployment and take a job that pays less than you are receiving on unemployment then you will be payed the difference.

    • What state do you live in? And so that means if my unemployment is 400 every two weeks, and my check is 200. I should get 200 from unemployment? What if my check know is 80dollars?

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    • When you say difference do you mean a percentage from the unemployment?

    • If unemployment pays you 500 a week and you start a job making 225 then unemployment pays you 275. But each state is different. There should be a state website that provides you with all the fine details.

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