Do I become an orphan?

My mom is the only parent that I have, legally anyway, I've never known my father and he isn't even stated as my father on my birth certificate. My mom is a really bad alcoholic and DCF being called on her is a high possibility. If I get taken away from her, does that make me an orphan until I go to court and get a new guardian?


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  • No, you'll be taken into somebody else's care. Depending on the situation (especially at your age) you may be allowed limited or supervised contact with her.
    If you have other relatives, it's sometimes possible to live with them... not always.

    Not an orphan, but yea, in your situation it can really definitely feel like that. Orphan is if they die.

    • Thank you so much

    • You're welcome. And sorry you're going through this, and have lived with an alcoholic all this time... even if you love them, it's hard to live like that.
      Good luck with it all, I hope it works out for you and that she gets the help she needs. Hopefully she'll be offered that help now with this happening too.

  • Your mom is still alive so you won't be an orphan. She won't have custody of you, but that doesn't make you an orphan.

    I may be wrong, but I believe what happens is you become a ward of the state, meaning the state is your guardian until a new one is named.

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