Getting Revenge?

I have a 'friend' that is the type of girl who likes to play the victim when ever anyone calls her out for being a shitty person. Which is ironic because she likes to say she wants her friends to tell her when she crosses the line. (Which is nearly all the time.)
When her boyfriend isn't giving her enough attention she likes to try and make all the gays in our circle of friends feel uncomfortable. An example would be her saying she's going to wear her boyfriend's jacket as a dress but seeing as they are the same height she's just walking around the house in a jacket but showing off her thong to everyone. No one has the spine to tell her she's being a hoe bag.
Recently it has come to light that she slept with a guy I was interested in. This wouldn't matter too much to me but she knew I had feelings for this guy. To make it worse she has slept with him twice and one time he was really drunk to she basically took advantage of him. Her boyfriend and her are in some bullshit open relationship but either way it won't make a difference if I tell the boyfriend she has done this. Pretty sure he already knows seeing as everyone in the group knows.
I want to know how I can get some sort of revenge on this girl for all the times she's played the victim and turned situations around to make everyone at fault but herself. She needs to learn a lesson. I'm aware I could walk away but there's too much history of bullshit to walk away from. If you don't have suggestions on how to get revenge on her, do feel free to share your own stories on how you got revenge your self.


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  • Video tape her with using the camera from your phone than
    make a fake Facebook page and upload to the Facebook.
    You can also upload it to some other social media site but never
    make it obvious whose behind the account hey revenge it is
    i wouldn't take it lying down i think she deserves what ever she gets
    she plays the victim all the time which isn't fair to you and your friends
    no offense but she does sound like a attention wh*re for sure.


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    Okay so what you need to do, is what ever GUY she likes, sleep with him. have a relationship with him. talk about him all the time. And so on.. you get the idea, right?


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  • Get a group of girls to help you then find this girl use 'duct tape' her to a wall or a pole lol

  • Time for some 'Revenge Sex' with her boyfriend. Spread rumors about her being a slut for sleeping with multiple guys while in a relationship.


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