Have you ever dated someone with BPD illness?

On another note, I found out the girl I like suffer from BPD :( but she is really sweet and never met someone like her before, do you recommend I be in relationship with her?

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More opinions please :)


Most Helpful Girl

  • I have BPD. Look, it's tough. I have been in a few relationships and most of the time I have found it really hard because my partner is unable to understand my mental illness. I have been on and off medication since I was a teen, and had treatment with counselling etc since I was 12. The thing about it is; it doesn't "get better" because it is a part of my personality. It makes me who I am. So in the past it felt like guys were trying to "fix me", which is impossible, rather than accept me as I am.
    People with BPD aren't crazy. We aren't sick, we just process emotions and feelings differently. We sometimes have triggers which will make us really sad and then we just have to ride it out until we get better. If you really like this girl, educate yourself on what BPD is and get to know her as a friend first. She will appreciate the effort.
    Good luck xx

    • Can i message you to talk :)?

Most Helpful Guy

  • My ex suffered from mild bpd or Bipolar I. She seemed sweet as your does. But she cheated on me lied to me, stole a lot of money from me, before leaving me for one of the guys she was cheating on me with. I can't say for sure your girl will end up doing this, but for me, never again!

    • Oh dear. I'm sorry. Bipolar is a tough one. Really unpredictable and reckless.

    • Sorry to hear

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  • As long as you are aware and she is stable... I don't see a reason to not give it a try!!

    • Until now she is stable, but she is taking medicine

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  • I'd say give it a shot if you like her.