Rude old man at the gym?

(I didn't wanna re-write the encounter, so i copy and past my fb post)
So I'm at the gym and working on the elliptical, having a nice chat on the phone, minding my own business. And this older man in front of me (clearly wearing a headset) turn around and spouts "you can't talk on your phone! Its against the rules!"
Well excuse the shit out of my goddamn french, but I've been coming here forever and people talk on the phone all the time! Furthermore, I looked at the rules and it doesn't say jack about talking on the phone! So either your blind, can't read, or your dumb as fuck. Which is it?
Honestly, if he just asked me politely, like a normal person, I would have done it no questions asked. (Note that I ended the call regardless) But no! You just had to act like some rude entitled prick, you don't work there! Don't act you know everything because your senile!

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  • Dunno, a lot of gyms DO have such a rule, both the ones where I teach have it... to keep a quiet environment for everyone, or there would be bedlam if everyone was trying to talk over everyone else on their cell phone!

    But whether there was such a rule or not, he should have been polite and said something like, 'Would you mind turning off the phone when you're done with that conversation?'

    But i hope you didn't answer him with that bunch of 4 letter words, or you were ruder than he was...

    • Oh I didn't say anything to him. I just turned off the call and that was it.

    • Good for you. A lot of older people think they are entitled to be rude to younger people... so many people these days in fact feel entitled to bad behavior, not just older people. A hallmark of our Trump society, I'm afraid. I mean, if the President insults everyone he doesn't like with made up nonsense, what can you expect from the rest of us?

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  • Is there a question? Should have challenged him to a left-off.


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  • Hmmm, I would have told him there is no phone policy and walked away. (something like that.)

    • I was already on the elliptical, he was in the machine in front of me. I wasn't gonna let him ruin my workout

    • gotcha, yea, I can see why you were upset.