Is life more difficult for an asexual girl or an asexual guy?

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  • I'm an asexual girl and it sucks pretty damn bad. Not sure how it is for guys.

    • how so?

    • All boyfriend wants to do is have sex, which I hate so much I can't even describe. I'd rather have glass smashed on my head. Haven't seen him in 2 weeks just to avoid it.

    • I am an asexual guy. I think it is harder for guys to deal with before we learn of asexuality, because sexuality affects your masculinity so much. I think girls deal with more people challenging their asexuality after she knews of it, or has came out.

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  • I am asexual. I think the experience is pretty different, just like it is for other sexualites. I know as a guy I really struggled with my masculinity before I found out about asexuality, I could (and can) masturbate but could not think of either hetero or gay sex and climax. I found women pretty but not sexy, and found guys neither. It felt like I was straight by default, but broken.

    I think girls have a tougher time being out about it though. People rarely press me about it in a creepy, rapey way. many of them are not so lucky. I don't think they are taken as seriously about it either, because women are considered "less sexual". I think guys are assumed to be lying about it more often than not being taken seriously.


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  • I think it's much more difficult to be an asexual guy than it is being asexual girl. As an asexual guy, I am faced with the stereotype that all men are hyper sexual and men are ostracized by society if they are anything but heterosexual. Heterosexuality and hypersexuality are strongly associated with masculinity but not strongly associated with femininity...

  • I don't think either is difficult

  • Girls are pretty much already asexual by stereotypes.

    But a guy who doesn't care about sex will do better in this world.

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