Restore Iphone from pc without itunes or icloud backup (Urgent)?


I used a software called Apowersoft Phone Manager to back up my iphone on my computer and it worked. I have now a map with everything from my iphone. Now I want to put those things back in my new iphone... Can I use another software to do that? If so, which software can I use?
The one I used to back it up was a free trial but I don't have it anymore.


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  • Whatever you use for your backup your going to have to use for the restore. You can't really backup via iTunes then restore via iCloud

    Just keep the backup you have and try to get another trial

    • Thank you very much for your answer :)

    • no worries. I'm wondering though, why did you use apowersoft in the first place? The built-in tools are more than enough

  • Apple is pretty straightforward with which apps you can use to do stuff with their products. You;re limited to that 1 software. Either pay for the subscription or have a buddy hack your phone.

    • Thank you very much for your answer. I guess I'll need to pay for the subscription in order to get it restored. :)

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