Agree or Disagree: the moment computers were invented is the moment that the Electoral College became pointless?

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  • When I was in high school to thought that having a purely popular vote was the best thing. The problem is, I was wrong. As I have aged , I learned that the founding fathers understood that a purely popular vote would be horrible.

    1. The Electoral College requires a presidential candidate to have transregional appeal. He cannot be elected unless he is willing to work with every part of the county and not just the most heavily populated locations.

    2. Avoid Run-Off Elections as the Electoral College avoids the problem of elections in which no candidate receives a majority of the votes cast.

    3. While, a dispute over the outcome of an Electoral College vote is possible—it happened in 2000—but it’s less likely than a dispute over the popular vote. Trump won 290 Electoral College vote, but there was only a.6% difference in the popular vote. One could argue all the way to the supreme court that a recount was needed.

    4. It reduces the effect of cheating and corruption. In a straight popular vote, if one city's voting system is corrupt, it can completely change the outcome of the election. With the Electoral College system, the corruption has to be spreed over every state, making much much harder to hide.

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