Guys, Why are men rude to me?

I have a problem at work, ALL men working with me are quite rude to me.
For example :
- they won't talk with me, if I start the conversation they sometimes just ignore me
- sometimes they won't even reply "HI" to me
- they generally NEVER come to me, never start talking to me , and keep avoiding me
I wonder if it could be because they think I am ugly?
But I think i look quite normal, and I see they make friendship with other girls at work that are really average or not pretty! I also try to be very friendly and generally nice.
So what could be the problem? Because I think it's because I am ugly,, (but in the mirror i look quite pretty so i don't understand) , could it be the reason or what? do men avoid and are rude to ugly girls? is this the problem?
Please advice me something


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  • That sounds really weird. Something must be missing from the picture. Something you missed perhaps?
    Guys generally don't freeze people out like this. Even if they didn't find you attractive they would still talk to you. It takes a lot to look ugly to guys. Average is attractive, ugly is boring but okay, attractive is model.

    If I (not realistic, but yeah) didn't at all talk to a girl, it would have to be because of the vibes she gave off, like she was hostile, or extremely shy or something. Basically sending the signal "don't talk to me". If she looked sort of angry or up tight, even though she really wasn't. Something like that.

    Do you have insight into what kind of vibe you give off? How have people described you before? Do girls do anything similar? And what kind of guys are they? -confident, shy, nice, nerds?
    From what you describe you seem polite and... normal.

    • Thank you for help!! I am not shy- I myself try to talk to them, but they always escape. I am smiling and nice - so i don't know why would I give them bad vibes, but maybe..
      It doesn't happen with girls, girls normally talk to me. I have ONLY with men this problem.
      They are confident guys ( at least they seem so) , average looking, some even ugly - so why wouldn't they talk to an ugly girl ( if they think i am ugly ) ?

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    • Aw, don't be too worried. I doubt you can ever be so ugly that men don't want to talk to you. Maybe you are so friendly they get scared by it? XD
      Here is my advice: Just smile to the guys and say "hi" here and there, but don't talk so much to them. Talk to the girls, and maybe the guys start seeing "oh, hey, the new girl actually seems cool/nice", and it will be easier to make contact.
      You are still very new. I wish you all the best, and hope soon that they stop acting like that.

    • why should they be scared of a friendly person?
      what's more they not only don't want to talk to me, sometimes they are just rude.
      For example today: 2 guys sitting next to me started talking like this:
      - I am organising a meeting after work , I invited Sara - she is so cool , do you know she can do bla bla... she is so amazing bla bla
      and they knew I could hear it, because I sit just in the middle of them both!! so they were talking in front of me and didn't say anything that I am invited too if i want or something. And this girl Sara -she is really average in my opinion, normal girl- just like me.

  • You could be ugly. Maybe there pissed off with you because your a woman