Why has my face changed so much through puberty?

I saw some laptop photos from 2 and a half years ago when I was 15, and honestly I looked hideous! That's not me just saying that out of insecurity, I really was. My eyebrows were bushy, my eyes looked smaller in my big round face, y nose was fat, undefined and bulbous, and my lips were thinner.
Nowadays i get compliments on my nose because it's always had a straight slope and it's now kinda cute and buttonish. For some reason it doesn't look as fat and bulbous anymore. Did I "grow in" to it? My lips don't look like an asshole now either. Is it because I've lost my puppy fat and that gets rid of some fat on your face also?
I apply makeup much better now as well though, I use matching light foundation, I know how to use winged eyeliner to make my eyes look less small (compared to before when I'd circle it around my eyes and they'd look like bullet holes in my face), and I wear lip balms too.
I also used to be chubbier as well, but I'm now a slim healthy weight so maybe that made my face slimmer?
But why did I go from plain uggo to okay looking?



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  • During teenage your body grows up, but not always in a "regular" manner (some parts will grow faster, some at a slower rate) until you're an adult. This is why teenagers can have body parts that look closer to childhood, and some others to the adult age.
    Also, the fact that your BMI is apparently healthier could have given your face more pretty proportions.

  • I have changed a lot and this is to make me more attractive


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