If you had to fight against this girl, who would win?

If you were de-aged to the same age as this girl (7), and you found yourself in a fighting ring to go up against her, who would win? You, or her? Why? And by how wide a margin?

  • Her, easily- I'd have had no chance
  • Her, but I'd have given her a hard time
  • Probably her, but only by a narrow margin
  • We'd have fought each other to a standstill, and it would've been a draw
  • Probably me, but only by a narrow margin
  • Me, but she'd have given me a hard time
  • Me, easily- she'd have had no chance
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Anyone else? How would you rate your 7 year old self's chances against her in a fight?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Holy furck! She's scary! I think she got possessed because she threw up the illuminati pyramid at 0:14.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I agree with what the other guys said, its a lose-lose. If I win, I look like an asshole for beating up a 7 year old girl. If I lose, I look like a faggot for getting beat up by a 7 year old girl.

    That being said, I think I would win just because of the drastic size/strength advantage. Now if it was 7 yo me vs her, then I would get my ass handed to me. If she was 23 then she would still win but maybe not as drastically.


What Girls Said 1

  • I'm Lucifer, so ofc I'd win with my devil-like charm and wit.

    • It'd be a lot harder for you to charm a little girl like her though, wouldn't it? Looking into her eyes, are you sure that you could manage it?

    • Yeah I'm a savage motherfucker

What Guys Said 5

  • I would win, I would knock her flat on her back

    • Even back when you were a 7yr old?

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    • Hmm, if you say so. Although, it'd be pretty hard to knock someone down on their back when you're the one who's making yourself dizzy with all of that whirling...

    • It would be a piece of cake believe me

  • Wouldn't fight her. It's a lose-lose situation. I win, people hate me. She wins, I get made fun of.

  • She's well trained at her forms, if she tried to fight me I might have to carry her around by her belt and show her off to my friends like a pocket monkey...

    • You're de-aged to your 7yr old self before going into the fight. So unless you were a very big 7yr old boy, that might present something of a challenge...

    • yeah I was a pretty big kid... I was 6'2 by the time I was about 12...

  • If I won, I'd lose for hitting a girl. If I lost, I'd lose for getting beat by a girl.

    • Nah, she spars against boys (and grown men) and beats them all the time. So either way, it wouldn't be a big deal.

    • Grown men? Lol are you sure?

  • I think I probably would be able to grab her eventually and drop her out the ring, if ring outs as a possible way to win is enforced. I'd still have to be careful in case she bites or something. It wouldn't even be a fair fight. I'd be telling myself over and over I really don't want to hit her hard and end up hurting her seriously since she's just a child. Just want this thing to be over by ending the match where neither of us got seriously hurt. Or I'd just pretend I lose the fight to her to just make her feel better.

    • This isn't your present-day self fighting her, remember- it's your 7yr old self. So you wouldn't have to hold yourself back because "she's just a child"- unless you'd still have been telling yourself the same thing as a 7yr old boy because "she's just a girl", you'd have been free to fight her on the level. Who'd have won?

    • If that's case, if I really wanted to I just have to really hit her hard in the gut or face. At first I might not want to really hit her but if she's she hits me enough times and it hurted I can see myself get mad enough, and so no more mr. niceguy and the gloves come off. I remember that's how was one time when somebody pick a fight with me back in elementary school, once they hit me first and shove me to the ground, I eventually get back up and snap on them throwing punches, knees, and kicks to their gut and face. I even wanted to slam them in the head with my backpack.

      But typically don't they forbid fights of opposite genders in any type of competitive fighting matches and full contact fighting matches? Maybe it's different and not as restrictive for fighting matches/competitions for kids, I don't know.

      Otherwise we'd see men fight women in MMA matches or boxing matches. So far it's always the same gender as they try to keep things that way but that might change eventually.

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