Obama slagging of the UK again before leaving. Thoughts?


The very reason we left the EU was greatly influenced by Obama telling us to say. The only unintentional positive thing he has done.

The EU is a ticking time bomb for collapse and it seems like Obama wants to disrupt things as much as he can before being replaced. 8 years managing to double the national debt, cause an even worse racial divide, enforce globalism, increasing the size of government and the nanny state.


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  • He said he supports a united Europe? That's what offended you? People love finding issues where there are none. And no, with Brexit, Obama saying he supported the EU isn't the very reason it happened or even a major part of it for most people.

    • When he says "united Europe". He refers to that as a synonym for Europe as he has done before. But he means the EU (less than half of European countries within). The EU has been profoundly anti democratic and totalitarian. Merkel has happily propelled that.

      Obama saying he supported the EU isn't the very reason it happened or even a major part of it for most people. "

      You definitely wasn't in the UK or know much about it. Prior to Obama making that statement and telling the British people how to vote. We were more in favour of staying

    • So what if he supports the EU?
      And yes, I'm from England, so don't try talk shit about I wasn't there haha. Obama saying he supported the EU wasn't even a mention on question time and stuff like that, where people do come in and talk about big issues that are being spoken about... And Obama wasn't one of them. Not only am I from England, I was also poll clerk on voting day, so obviously had to hear a lot of people venting, and guess what? Not one single person mentioned Obama between 6am to 10pm when I was there.
      And my poll station was in a Brexit majority area, not remain.

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  • Cool 👍

    But I'll say, if your country is that easily manipulated by 1 person into presumably destroying your own economy, as it seems like you're saying, that seems to say more about the UK than anything else

  • Yeah I have heard a lot of things with him doing what he has to the deficit and racial divide

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