Why am I still holding on to the guy that pretended to care about me?

I thought we were going somewhere after two years, to find out he had an ex girlfriend... am i not worthy of being a girlfriend but worthy of being a toy? Worthy of being nothing to this man? Worthy of being strung along?


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  • I understand that everyone has self-esteem issues at times, but come on. Get out there and date. Yeah, you got played but nearly everyone under 30 has used or discarded a person before -- yes, I'm saying that if you look back on your past, even you probably have discarded someone before. What this guy did was not particularly nice, but you're young so move on and find someone new to have fun with. There are at least a million out there who would love to take you out this very weekend. Just give one of them a chance and see what happens.

    • This guy was 34. I feel stupid. Its different. Im ok looking in the facial area. So my chances are prettyy tough. I have discarded a person before but early. Not like all the way in then bail on them or something.

    • I guarantee you look fine and your chances are not as low as you say. Listen, go open an account at Plenty of Fish or OKCupid and give it a go. OKCupid attracts a slightly more cerebral crowd while Plenty of Fish is more straight up meat market. I think given your state, you should go for the meat market!

      You'll be fine. If you can't find anyone, PM me and we'll set something up. ;-)

    • Haahahhahaha ;)

      What do u look like

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  • it's tough to let go sometimes. ask some friends, get an objective opinion


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