What's a noisy schmoo?

I just sat in 2 hours of mind numbing meetings talking about bifrost, noisy schmoo's and Christmas (Xmas) offsets. I wanted to bash my head against the wall from boredom. At one point i was staring blankly at the table with drool running out of my mouth.
Have you shared my plight? If so, tell me what a noisy schmoo is, its not what you might immediately think... its way more boring.


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  • The meeting I just got out of was a noisy schmoo. A room full of IT nerds arguing over semantics and code standards and making absolutely no progress on the intended meeting subject (code review).

    To make matters worse more than half of the people speak English as a second language so sometimes have differing ideas on meanings of words.

    • Oh, I was just trying to make up some random meaning. Heh. Is that a real word? Going to have to google it.

    • yep, its a real word... apparently, i knew it as a cartoong character before... but after today, it makes me wanna pierce my ear drums with an ice pick

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  • I've shared your plight with boring meetings and drooling over the desk, but not exactly over Norse mythology or Christmas and I thought schmoo was just a random word, not someTHING 😂.


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