Should I sell my 2015 Honda Accord for this a 2005 BMW 330xi with 37,000 miles?

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  • uh absolutely not. As a mechanic, The honda is much much less expensive to repair, and will last longer and be more efficient than the beamer. Plus the 3 series beamers look like shit in my opinion.

    • I can do mechanical stuff my self lol

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    • @cth96190 You got a point.

    • though I have worked on a 2003bmw 3 series before. if
      replaced the oil pan gasket and the head gasket

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  • Don't get that German piece of crap. German cars are known for minor random stuff going wrong and costing you a fortune in parts and labor. I drive a 2008 Infiniti G35X. Its fast, reliable, and all wheel drive. I would highly recommend you check those out or at least go to consumer reports and research the BMW reliability.

    • I can do mechanical stuff my self sooo

  • As one who has owned a variety of cars since 1975 and was a motoring writer for 10 years, my answer would be: NO!
    Honda makes cars that have wonderful engineering and quality control. Honda is without doubt the best of the Japanese marques.
    BMW. . . not so much.
    The quality and durability of European cars has declined considerably during the past 20 years, because manufacturers have been cutting costs beyond what is wise in an effort to remain competitive against Asian imports.

    • So stick with the Honda lol.

  • Thats very low mileage for that age car, is it genuine?

    Anyway yes, drop the old fart car 👍

    • Yeah its genuine lol. Driven only like 3,000 miles a year. But there isn't any service records showing on the carfax report

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    • I mean. it could be self serviced. But I know how to do stuff my self. But then it comes down to reliability. my Honda dosent have a navaigation system. though it's got Bluetooth leather etc

    • and better gas mileage 😂😂

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