Is it true that a girl who isn't good-looking is never going to have a lot of friends?

I know this girl. She has a bit of a nerdy look. I know she wants to fit in and that is what drives her behaviour.

She is tall, lanky. But I also know she is quite smart. Investment banker type of smart.

I met her when I was in business school so no I'm not an airhead either.

I realize now, although she was not disliked she wasn't popular either.


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  • I think it's just a matter of how you carry yourself, an introverted person will have difficulty making friends regardless of their appearance, but sometimes it just takes someone to get them out of their shell. Someone who isn't used to putting them selves out there may give off the impression of being awkward, but its something new to them and it takes time to get used to it. haha i've rambled on long enough but appearance isn't really important for friends, for a potential mate yes, but not for a friend.

    • This girl was my orientation leader. She was very... I don't know.

      I mean I could tell she wanted to be one of those people who are included, yet when I saw pictures of her and her 'friends' they were clearly neither attractive nor particularly stand-outish.

    • Do you mean like her friends weren't good looking? If thats the case i mean usually attractive people tend to be part of the same crowd, while unattractive people group together, but again looks don't mean anything when it comes to friendship. She might've had low self-esteem and maybe she felt she wasn't good enough to hang out with that group, or maybe she just needed someone to guide her into it because she wasn't brave enough to do it on her own

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  • Not at all, I was one ugly mofo up until mid high school and I had a ton of friends. A lot of the girls that were popular in high school weren't that attractive either. They were just... loud lol

    • Ha ha I feel you about popular girls being loud.

      I noticed in University though things are a little different because people are so viciously selfish in University. This girl being smart would give her a leg-up, tonnes of people who can use her for grades, become smarter themselves etc.

      It surprises me that it should even matter whether or not she's good-looking

    • That's not popularity then in my opinion. They're using her for their own benefit. They only care about her when it concerns grades.
      Popularity isn't reliant on looks though. It's definitely more how you carry yourself (in highschool, the more obnoxious the better. Jk please don't).

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  • Yeah that's always the case, happens with guys too

    • Is the opposite true? That a good-looking girl who wasn't that clever will always have friends?

      But you know what I don't exactly get, is that these type of people usually socialize in their own circles. Like this girl would likely socialize with guys (and girls) who are also i-bankers etc.

      Why would they care about her looks?

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    • Really? I usually notice girls who are pretty without being truly beautiful usually socialize with unattractive girls. I think it makes them feel better about themselves. The same is true about guys.

      But yes I agree truly beautiful girls and handsome guys are more likely to stick together especially if they're similar in calibre

    • It's what I used to see but sometimes people will hang out with not so attractive people to make themselves look better

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  • no... she's maybe anti social

    • No she isn't that's the funny part. She was the ice-breaker for orientation week

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    • But what about boys? She seems to be on good-terms with them but no one from what I can tell is crushing on her.

      This girl is smart enough to know how to be charming to people who do matter. Hence it makes me wonder why she doesn't have more of them

    • it's a LOOOOTT of different to have more friends or BOYS to be with by appearance.
      at this question, you asked about friends. Friends never look at appearance, but relationship is something different. be specific please