What is your biggest regret so far?


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  • My regrets for 2016:

    1. Taking a particular course this semester 😤😞
    2. Hooking up with this guy🙄

    But I'll be fine. In the new couple weeks I am looking for major improvements in these areas and other areas of my life. #TheOptimist

    • Ughhh why do GAG change my emojis!!! That was not suppose to be a smiley face🙄

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    • If you want to talk you can message me:)

    • We're both anonymous lol

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  • Not retiring from the Navy


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  • getting preg at 21. I love my son, no lie, but I wish I had waited. I didn't get a career going until almost 29. if I had him now instead of then things would've been a lot easier. but I don't know, maybe he was the reason I'm better now

  • Entering into a LDR. I was naive to assume it could work. I was manipulated by him. I felt a fool for believing him

    He really hurt me, but the only consolation I got in the end is that the experience taught me what doesn't work for me


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