Are Germans the worst e-buyers?

Sorry if someone is German and is going to feel offended, but from my experience the worst e-buyers I had were Germans.

There were more than two cases where a German buyer was complaining that the item wasn't "Near Mint" which was. (If not "Near Mint" then it was "almost" for sure.) and if I forgot to change the Status as "shipped" they were started asking "Where is my item?", and even one said "It's not normal".

I never had similar experiences with other countries. Well I had in a very few cases, but in most cases they were German.



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  • I'm German and I think I might be able to explain. In Germany the post is really fast and you usually receive your packages, letters etc. within few days. Us Germans are used to fast and save, especially organized delivery so yes, we can be giant pains in the butt. Sorry about that.


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  • thats racist


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