So much on my mind?

I have had a lot on my mind, for the past 2 weeks, and half of them are supposed to make me cry. I don't know why, but I have not cried at all. It is like I didn't have emotions, or feelings.
I want to be able to tell someone in my family, that I trust, what is on my mind, but I don't know who. I fear they will all judge me.
I feel like crying, but I keep holding the tears in. I think the things on my mind are becoming too heavy for me.
What should I do?



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  • Talk with a friend. Someone you trust. You may be in denial about your situation which prevents you from feeling anything about it.

    • I am home schooled. No friends.

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    • I just want to know what to do about it. I don't have friends, my family members will probably judge me, or they won't understand.
      I feel like crying, but I keep holding back the tears.
      The things on my mind are weighing me down.

    • If you want suggestions about what to do then ask. Send me a private message if you like. :)

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  • Dont let whatever is going on get to you. I have days like this all the time. You should talk to your parents. They love you and want to help you. They would be devasted to know your going through this alone.

    • Yes, they love me.
      I wish you were right about the part that they want to help me. I think they will judge me. They are strict. I don't tell them anything. 😞

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  • Message me you want someone to talk too? 😎


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