If a female never texted you but she always responds to your texts, is she interested in you or just stalling?

There's this female that was interested in me in the worse way back in college. but I never picked up on her reactions and signals. So fast forward from 2008 to now, she goes to my gym and the second time I saw her we chatted for a while in the cardio area and we exchanged numbers.

I been texting her so I told her I'll call her but she suggested for me to call on a specific day because she was traveling. so I called her and she didn't pick up. But the next day she texted me apologizing for not picking up because she was knocked out from her travel.

That was the only time she text me. but any time I text her she respond back to me all the time. I asked her out on a date but she never gave me an answer but she continue to respond to my text. my sis says she might be interested in me but she's probably testing the waters.

I would like to know what do you females and guys think. She's a nice person in college and now. But I want to make up for my mistake for not picking up her signals back in college. Is she shy, nervous or not interested in me?

I'm considering texting her once a week instead of 3 times a week.


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  • yes, either she fails to reply or start up a conversation again but you really aren't a priority in her life or a pleasure to talk to...meaning she does like you...or she is nervous and just doesn't know what to say


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