Do you ever just feel like a grandma or grandpa, after reading all these posts from these super sexualized kids?

Kids these days are like "how do I get this guy to cheat on his wife of 4 years he had a 3yr old with" or "why am i having so much sex and I'm not even passing English 11" and I'm just like "hmm... Friday night, house party down the block, i think i'm gonna knit a new scarf cuz the weathers turning".


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  • Me - "Should I go out, tonight? There's a club down the street. It wouldn't even take me that long to get ready..."

    "Fuck it, what's on Netflix?"

    • The better question for that would be "fuck, what have they taken off of netflix now"

    • Because i finally had time for a doctor who marathon and LO AND BEFUCKINGHOLD guess who got deported the fuck off Netflix? YUUPP.

    • Oh, I know, right?

      Evrrytime you see something good, it's, "I'll come back to that when I have time." Then BAM, gone!

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  • I don't feel like a grandma, but I feel like I'm surrounded by idiots when I see those questions.


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  • The youth of our day have been conditioned to repress their urges all while being constantly tempted at every turn, from overly sexualized media to the moderns styles of dress where when regularly dress in a style previously attributed to whores.

    As a result kids are constantly having sexual feelings being evoked without any mature method to deal with those feelings and without anywhere to turn for guidance, for fear of being judged by the righteous adults.

  • No but I do when they keep developing new made up slang terms I can't even keep up anymore..

  • Nope. I don't think much above it.

  • lmao

  • At times it makes me feel old but I'm still young at heart😊

    • That's good then, feeling young is half the battle.
      Or something like that.

    • Yeah I still feel young too

  • Yeah I had a girl who's 18 go heavly into her sexual history and I'm just standing there thinking you are one fucked up individual

    • Cause honestly who openly talks about their sexual encounters with people they don't know well besides someone who has issues

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    • Yeah she has told me about the girls she has ate and show me pictures of the girls, times where she was tied up and sexually dominated

    • With cuts on her breast

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