What is it like when getting braces the first time?

I am getting braces... but I want some tips on it.. does it hurt the first time? etc🌸🌸🌸🌸what is it like when getting braces the first time??


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  • Its worse and more painful than having your wisdom tooth removed no joke. And it really is like your teeth are put in jail.

    • lol I don't understand
      I watch it on YouTube
      is it because of the open mouth thing
      or the stuff they put on your teeth

    • they also put something called expanders that goes above your braces it will rest right on top of your gums. Its the fact that it takes so long to put it in there cause they have to make a plaster specially made for you of your teeth and you have to be there when they do that. They put that awful tasting white goo in your mouth breath through your nose. It only hurts a lot like hell for a few weeks then after a few months it will only hurt and then it won't hurt anymore.

  • Braces at 18?


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  • Ahh you're so lucky! I badly wanted braces when I was younger.
    But yes, I hear it hurts when they first go on, and also when you go back to get them tightened.

    • thank u and you can still get braces now 🐰🌸 I have to pay 75$ every month on mines

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