Are procrastination/laziness and fear, making excuses the 2 biggest enemies in life?

I feel like most of the problems in life can be traced to these issues. Not exercising, smoking, not asking girls out, not working on the career you actually want the dream you have, not beeing more social, not realising those plans that you had to travel etc. Either people are to lazy to make a change in their life, keep pushing it out or there's some kind of fear people make excuses, hey on't think they can do it they're not good enough or so. What do you think? I didn't realise this for a while but it's clear to me now and I want to improve. There's a lot of interests I have and a lot of things I want to do and I don't want to waste my life and live with regrets. But it's definitely not easy it's a struggle but in the end the only way you actually get ahead make progress and achieve something is through the struggle everything else is just entertainment, wasting time etc. It's nice and I've done it a lot but when you look back where did that time go?

But sadly it's easier to say this than do it but I think realising it is the first step at least and then you can start working on what you want to achieve. It took a long time for me because I had a lot of other things to deal with but now I want to go forward and start working on my life and future.

I also wish everyone else the strength to realise their dreams ;)
Good Luck !



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  • This is so true!!! I don't have a problem with procrastinating really but fear gets me a lot. Fear of rejection is the main reason my crush is still only a crush. If he liked me and I wouldn't be such a scaredy cat, we could be happy together.

    • At least you only have 1 of the 2 :P For me the laziness is really hard to deal with :(. I also have adhd nd procrastinationis a symptom. I don't want to blame it all on that but it's a big struggle for me. I've only been diagnosed recently and I'lll be given medication to try out soon and I'll try to structur my life more and organise etc. It's hard af for me :P. I'm gonna buy a journal and a planner today and start organising better. I should have done that for a while but I was too lazy to even buy it lol. That's how bad it is. With fear it's not easy but when you get outside of your comfort zone it's a good thing you grow as a person become more confident etc. Living life beeing comfortabe and not challenging yourself is also not a great thing.

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    • Thanks for MHO ;)

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  • procrastination and laziness are the biggest enemies
    but fear, fear is something that you can't control sometimes. but you have to overcome your fears so you can know your worth.


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  • Yes! Procrastination is my biggest problem right now.
    I also agree with all what you've said there. We tend to get way to comfortable. Are we afraid of changes? Are we afraid to go out there and live? Are we afraid of rejection? I know I am... sadly.

    • Well it's not easy but keep fighting. I heard about a interesting approach. It's about habbits. When you repeat something it forms a pattern in the brain and it becomes easier to do it doesn't take effort/willpower anymore it even gives you a good feeling. But if you only do it once in a while then this doesn't happen and you have to force yourself to do it everytime. So this way you can change your life. If you want to change something you only need 30 days of discipline not your entire life. If you want to work out just focus on the first 30 days do it every day and after that it will become easy. Most people start but they don't know what they're working towards they tghink it will stay hard forever so they give up and never get to the easy part. I've only discovered this myself too so I haven't done it yet but I plan on doing it to combat my procrastination. I want to form good habits and stop bad ones so I can live better ;). But focus on one thing at a time you want to change.

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    • I am sure you will! :) Good luck!

    • Thank :3

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