10 African Countries with the most Beautiful Women?

omg Somali and Ethiopian and Eritreans women are beautiful af!

im packing my bags and heading to africa!
and why do African American female get so mad and jealous? lmao stupid hoodrats


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  • This video is interesting, but ALL African Americans are not always mad and jealous, A hoodrat? can't be ANY race that lives in the hood, thank you

    • 80% are and thats a high number! they wish they had same nose and facial features! if you go to the actual youtube video you will see African American female hating!

    • Who gave you that percentage? yourself? While many of US were raised in rural areas, there is a good many of us who werent, and all wishful comments aren't hating, its just admiring what others have and wishing you had similar features

    • nope do a research and you'll find the percentage

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  • I haven't seen the video and i know that it can be true but i don't see this women in real life so i don't. And to be honest, you can call me racist for this but as a black man i say that i see more white women like this than black women (the snowbunnies are also a bit more manipulated by Instagram but... you understand i hope).


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