Do Americans have peri peri chicken?

Like nandos?

I know there are loads of food variants in different countries, even if the countries are similar. For fast food/take-aways especially.

So in the UK, this place called nandos is quite popular, and they do Portuguese style food. It's delicious.
Is peri peri as popular there?

I'm just about to order some :)


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  • Nando's is Sith Efrikan, not British.

    There are some locations in North America, the experience is largely the same, the menu is almost the same except we don't have the grilled halloumi!!! Aaaagh!

    Peri peri exists but the Nandos obsession (seriously, it seems to be the food equivalent of Starbucks to basic white girls) is not the same here at all.

    • Wish I could like this comment way more than once 😂

    • I didn't say it was British, I said it's popular.

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  • Nando's is fucking shitty food. Absolute rip off. Basic bitches flock to it.


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  • thought it was called piri piri
    but yes it's in the US. most major cities will have some restaurants that serve it

    it's funny i was in portugal in September and didn't see it in one restaurant or on sale in grocery stores

    • That's what I wondered. What they eat instead. Like loads of Indian curry places,, they don't sell the same curry that you'll buy in India or something.

  • Sounds familiar, can you describe it?

    • It's like a chicken with this sauce on it. It's marinaded for a while, then grilled. Different levels of hotness, and some aren't spicy at all, I think that's garlic and herb one.

    • Sounds good but I don't think I've ever had it or heard of it

  • its piri, not peri
    and its not a uk thing. its portuguese
    so if the uk have it why can't the us?

    • You've got stuff they don't really sell much here, and vice versa. Like my mum was really upset she couldn't get her Cadburys whole nut there once haha, til she found a "speciality British section" in one shop and she got it there.

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    • sure but you made the point that some products from britain are also sold in the US and wondered if the same applied to piri piri, but you can't compare those because the example you brought up is actually a British product whereas piri piri is not

      never mind. we are obviously not on the same wavelength lol

    • No I mean Cadbury is American and has been for a bit now. There was a big fuss when they first sold it to some Americans a while ago and everybody was pissed when they tasted the "new" Cadburys cream egg.

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  • I've never even heard of it.

  • Wth is that?