Would you guys drive a couple of hours to see someone that is your friend (read details before voting)?

Let's say you have an online friendship. They were a couple of hours away at the time... if you just saw them as a friend would you drive a couple of hours just to see them? Or would that ONLY happen if you saw them as more than a friend?

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  • Not an online friendship, but I drove 65 miles to see this one chick I knew when I was a teenager. In the pouring rain. Could barely see out my window. I knew she liked me, but I wasn't into her like that. I didn't see her as more than a friend. But, she also owed me some weed, because she smoked a $20 blunt that I had in a cigarette pack that she borrowed. >_<;;;

    So, I was also going there for weed. We went to the mall with her friends, chilled at her friends' house and played guitar, then babysitted her baby cousin, went to a N. A. meeting, then smoked weed in a field with her douchebag boyfriend. rofl. Incidentally, I swear to God, all ex-Marine's are douchebags.

    So, I don't think that's a legitimate way to tell whether or not someone likes you.


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  • Two hours is nothing. My girlfriend lives 8 hours away and I do that as often as I can. Then again, I don't mind driving, so maybe I'm an oddball. I do have friends that live a couple hours away, too, that I visit.

  • I have done driven to see friends that were 2-4 hours away and did stuff with them while there (sporting event, etc). They have driven to my area, also
    I've never done that kind of drive just to meet someone for sex.

  • Only if its a best friend and we gonna go do something fun

  • I have a female friend who I have known for years through the internet, she lives around 4 hours away 😭
    It will take 4 hours.
    We aren't close but if I knew how to drive. I would go visit her yes (first tell her obviously)
    We are good friends, nothing else.
    We are the same age and birthdays are similar (:
    Both are in England but in different places but we get along good 😊

    • Why haven't you :o
      4h doesn't seem that much. Isn't public transport an option? You both come half way and meet in the middle. Unless the middle is a desert lol

    • Yes but money and I'm 18, I haven't travelled by myself ever before somewhere out of my city

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